Mini-cable Multifibre Assemblies

Mini-cable assemblies use 2-144 250Ám coated fibres overjacketed with strength member and LSZH jacket. The individual fibres are then jacketed at each end with a custom breakout length .

The 12 and 24 fibre cables use a single 3mm ruggedised cable, with 36 fibre and higher using multiples of 3mm 12-fibre subunits. MTP connectors are terminated directly onto the 3mm subunits.


  • 2-144 fibres (coated 250Ám)
  • Individual fibres jacketed at breakout point specified by customer.
  • Individual jackets from 0.9mm-3.0mm diameter (1.8mm standard)
  • All Jackets LSZH
  • Available with all connector types