Case Studies

Case Study 1

A North American optical company approached Fibrepulse with a technical problem. They assembled GRIN lenses and were having to reject over 50% of the lenses because of the losses incurred. Fibrepulse looked at the problem and found out it was due to bubbles in the epoxy. When the bubbles were magnified (by the GRIN lens) they caused defects. Intensive engineering studies led to a degassing process using a vacuum pump. Fibrepulse applied their engineering resources to the process, and came up with detailed process instructions. This led to zero bubbles in the GRIN lens, and the reject rate fell to 2% (for other defects).

Case Study 2

A leading European telecoms company contacted Fibrepulse with a logistics problem. They wanted their installations to be very neat, and to avoid any cable management issues. They would not know the exact lengths until their surveyor visited the site, and then they needed the products 3 days later. Fibrepulse worked with the company to identify all possible combinations of cable and connector types, and then put these materials in stock. Each cable has to be uniquely labelled to identify itís location. When a survey is completed, they email the table of requirements (and label information) to Fibrepulse, who build and ship the product directly to site. The resulting installation is technically superior, visually appealing, and looks very professional.

Case Study 3

A telecoms installation company partnered with Fibrepulse to deliver a customised solution to several telecom providers. The telecom provider has to upgrade their equipment, and has to minimise downtime. The installer visits the site, specifies his cabling needs (type of cable, length of cable, connectors on either end), emails the requirements to Fibrepulse, and Fibrepulse dispatches the cables the next day. This has allowed the installer to provide his customer with the exact cables (to within 10 cm) and eliminates any downtime. The changeover takes place in the middle of the night.